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Making Smart, Clean Energy Accessible To Every Person Around The Globe

  • Residential Energy Storage

  • Portable Power Supply

  • EV Charger

  • Residential Energy Storage Solution

    Everyday more homeowners across the United States choose to install solar panels on their rooftops. That’s the beginning of the energy independence journey. With an AlphaESS home battery system you take the final step towards full energy control, storing clean energy for use during peak times, keeping your lights on during outages and managing household energy usage.

    AlphaESS offers homeowners complete full power range energy storage systems that meet the needs of a wide range of building types and demand profiles.


      • HOME-857.svg


        Home Solar System + Energy Storage System:

      • UPS-590.svg


        Uninterrupted Power Supply

      • VPP-775.svg


        Virtual Power Plant Ready

      • EnergyScarce.svg

        Energy Scarce Regions

      • Disaster.svg

        Disaster-Prone Regions

      • NoPowerSupply.svg

        Areas with Unstable/
        No Power Supply

  • Portable Power Supply

    Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster, and people are eager to get away from the hustle and bustle of the modern life and enjoy a moment of tranquility outdoors. Alpha BlackBee 1000 would be your best parterner.

    This 1kW/1kWh portable power station, which supports 12 devices simultaneously,can be used for outdoor activities as well as emerging power supply for families.  

    This is a lifestyle change-maker and the dream device for adventurers.


      • EMERGENCY.svg


        During Blackouts

      • travel.svg


        Ideal for Camping

      • RENEWABLES.svg


        Fast Solar Charging

  • EV Charger

    The North American Smart Home Energy Management company Emporia offers a variety of smart home devices (including EV chargers) which are fully compatible with the AlphaESS SP/SPB series. Please click the button below to know more information if you are interested in offering/getting a complete smart home solution.ev00-030000.png

      • Solar+Storage.svg

        Solar + Storage with EV Charger

        Residential Solar + Storage with
        EV Charger Solution

      • RealEstateDevelopers.svg

        Real Estate Developers

        Energy Solution for the Community

      • ComprehensiveEnergyProject.svg

        Comprehensive Energy Project

        Project Including Planning, Design,
        Investment, Building and Operation